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Far Infrared

The difference between far infrared and visible light or near infrared is, it has a very strong penetration, so that it could go under the skin, warm the body from the inner, and gives energy to the bio cells. Far infrared is also called Light of life, the resonance effect on the cells, the osmotic effect and the warming effect are widely accepted in the health and wellness industry.

Use far infrared daily, happier, no worries


  • Far infrared easy wear/pad can be attached on human body. The closer to the body, the better the effect.

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The size of Easy Pad is larger, there is a thermometer control with 5 stage of temperature (35,38,42,48,55) degree Celsius. The DC power supply of product is safe, no doubt for electromagnetic wave. The overall operation is simple and convenient, there are 2 sizes easy pad (L) and easy pad (S).

**it can be used on: neck, shoulder, waist, leg, and backside etc. understand deeper

The size of Easy Wear is smaller, it is suggested to be used at home. The temperatue of easy wear is fixed, the temperature can reach around 55 degree Celsius. There are 2 sizes easy wear (L) and easy wear (S). Because of the smaller size, it is suitable for every part of the body to use, such as joint, arm, foot etc.

**Treatment: degenerative knee arthritis, sciatica, strain, sprain, muscle aches, edema, menstrual pain, lower back pain, etc. understand deeper

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Nano carbon heating film

Easy pads and Easy wear are using the advance heating techniques known as nano carbon heating films. The thickness is only 0.1mm, and it has the characteristics of nano particles. The electrothermal conversion efficiency is 40% higher than that the traditional electric heating sheet, and the heating effect is very even, at the same time, it achieved the lightness, low power consumption, high efficiency and high average performance.

Feature of product

Natural minerals with high far-infrared emissivity are selected as raw materials, and after high-tech precision grinding into nano-sized powders, the materials are naturally non-toxic and have no harmful radiation. This exclusive formula of far-infrared nano-ceramic powder is synthesized with a soft, non-toxic gel that is resistant to high temperatures, and is made of a soft and flexible far-infrared coating material suitable for human body use.

Trial Period Super Deal

Easy Pad S – 10Days 1000$
Easy Pad L – 10Days1200$
Easy Wear S – 10Days 500$
Easy Wear L – 10Days 600$

Trial Info

The experiment result after using FIR on human’s back

Far infrared has a lot of benefits, not just only types of medical functions, but also to raise the temperature of human body. It’s suitable for winter uses, useful for medication and warm. Comfortable to use.


Hot compress is a traditional treatment method. It can be understood from experience that [the pain is not acceptable, and the general rule is not painful]. The so-called “pass” refers to smooth blood circulation. Once the body temperature rises, the blood vessels will expand, causing the blood flow to run smoothly, and the muscle pain in the hot area will disappear. Coupled with the medical function of far infrared , the ore will emit far infrared rays more efficiently at high temperatures, and this combination allows the user to achieve better treatment.

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