(A) Relieve Soreness or Pain

  • In fact, the pain feeling result from our brain rather than nerve. Our nerve is only responsible for message transition, while the pain feeling is finally judged by the brain. However, our brain often misjudge pain, the best example is our headache while eating ice.
  • Long-term pain or soreness are usually caused by disorder of autonomic nervous,which make brain misjudge and feel pain.
  • Far infrared can deep warm and accelerate circulation, improve the disorder of autonomic nerve. It can reduce the pain after exercise or long-term pain caused by damage of muscle or ligament.

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(B) Relieve the Menstrual pain

During menstrual period, uterine will be contracted to expel the endometrium. Excessive uterine contract will result in muscle ischemia and cause menstrual pain. Far infrared can expedite generation of NO of inner cell wall of blood vessel, which soothe the uterine muscle to reduce discomfort caused by menstrual pain.


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(C) Increase Oxygen Content of Our Body

Our body cell rely on blood circulation to transport oxygen and nutrient. Far infrared can expedite generation of NO of inner cell wall of blood vessel and expansion of the blood vessels. This bring good effects to increase the blood oxygen, strength and endurance of muscle. Which also make you feel energetic, and protect you from disease and aging.


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(D) Improve Circulation

  • Many people suffer from cold hands and feet in winter, this is mainly caused by poor blood circulation. The functions of our microvascular are to supply the oxygen andnutrient and to excrete the waste generated in body cells.
  • Far Infrared can raise the skin temperature under deep layer, and expedite generation of NO of inner cell wall of blood vessel. It can speed-up the blood circulation, to help you feel better in winter time

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(E) Increase Metabolism

Far infrared can expedite generation of NO of inner cell wall of blood vessel, which make arteries more elastic. It is very helpful for arterial endothelial tissue, which can protect blood vessels from atherosclerosis, or improve circulation problems caused by metabolic syndrome.


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(F) Balance the PH of our body

Far infrared can expand blood vessel and promote the metabolism to prevent pain in joint or gout which caused by high blood uric acid or other acidic compounds.


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