The Effect Differences Between Attach-type and Commercial FIR Products

  • Generally, commercial far infrared products can only claim its “emissivity”, but almost never mention “radiation power”. It is because those available current market products only carry very low radiation power, and hardly bring any therapeutic effect. “Emissivity” and “radiation power” are not the same concept, while “emissivity” is a ratio value and “radiation power” is an absolute value.
  • “Emissivity” is a ratio value compared to the theoretical value only, it does not take account the size factor and the total amount of radiation. For example, a small vehicle is not capable of over-drive a super sports car even with its full power speed.
  • Thus, the “radiation power” is the most important factor affect the amount of far infrared we received. Our attach-type far infrared has been laboratory proved that the radiation power is 5 times greater than available current market products, and its biological effect is very different accordingly.

Ceramic Lamp

  • Principle: By heating ceramic piece to radiate FIR
  • Pros: Market longer, more users.
  • Cons: Should be 30cm away while using,
    • due to the high temperature.
    • Can not use more than 60 min.
    • Some contain near infrared.

Advantage of attach-type FIR

  1. Medical grade technology can directly attach to our body.
  2. Can use anytime, available to carry.
  3. Certified high FIR emissivity.
  4. Safe, no near infrared.

Halogen Lamp (Not FIR)

  • Principle: Add filter on halogen lamp (Filtering the non-FIR lights)
  • Pros: Low price
  • Cons: Lifetime of lamp is limited
    • Contain high potion of Near IR
    • Low FIR radiation rate
    • High temperature lamp

Advantage of attach-type FIR

  1. Long lasting emissivity effect
  2. Safe, low temperature, no near IR
  3. Certified high FIR emissivity
  4. Low energy consumption, no EM waves

Sauna House

  • Principle: FIR heating plates or tubes
  • Pros: Easy production, good looking
  • Cons: High price, volume and space required
    • Non-safety industrial heater
    • Operation period and method restricted

Advantage of attach-type FIR

  1. Accepted price by consumer
  2. Can use anytime, available to carry
  3. Medical grade nano carbon film heating technology, can attach to our body
  4. Soft and can be closely attach to our body


  • Principle:Add charcoal or germanium(1-2%) into textile fabric
  • Pros:Mass production, low price
  • Cons:Low emission rate (<10%)
    • FIR emissivity decayed
    • Low warming effect

Advantage of attach-type FIR

  1. Certified high FIR emissivity
  2. Long lasting effect, and will not decay Medical grade heating technology, can expedite treatment effects
  3. High quality natural raw material with high FIR emissivity

Therapy Gears

  • Principle: Mix carbon or mining powder and use conventional heaters
  • Pros: Convenient, low price
  • Cons: Low FIR emission rate (almost none)
    • Need controller, easily cause burnt
    • Conventional heater, not evenly heated

Advantage of attach-type FIR

  1. Certification of high FIR emissivity
  2. Medical grade nano-carbon film heating technology
  3. Evenly heating and attach directly to body
  4. Low energy consumption, no EM waves

Natural Ore (Crystal, Salt crystal, Titanium)

  • Principle: Ore which carry FIR emissivity
  • Pros: Beautiful, can be jewelry or ornaments
  • Cons: High price, space, heavy
    • Poor emission rate (<50%)
    • Contain harmful radiation elements

Advantage of attach-type FIR

  1. Reasonable price, can carry along with
  2. Evidence of high FIR emissivity
  3. Safety raw material, no harmful radiation
  4. High quality natural raw FIR material with high FIR emissi