Why will the palm feels numb, what happened?

Do your fingers always feels numb? Not feeling well when you ride bike, carry things, even when you sleep? Here to share an experience of myself, hope that this will help others to know what to do.

Earlier because of my thumb and index finger feels uncomfortably numb, I took a few days off to rest. But the actual reason is because daily when I wait for the traffic lights while riding bike, my right hand would loss of consciousness from feeling numb, this tortures me and so I took a few days off. Unfortunately, this situation is getting worse, even my middle finger and ring finger started to feel the pain and numbness the whole day. The difficult part is that when the pain comes at midnight I can’t even sleep well and affected my working performance.

I finally get to the doctor for help when I can’t stand for the pain anymore. The doctor tells me that this is Carpal tunnel syndrome and my case is serious, he says that I need to wear on wrist protection to correct the position of my wrist immediately. I never heard of this syndrome and started to feel nervous, so I asked a lot of questions. Doctor ask me to calm down and patiently answer my questions and tell me that this syndrome will not pose a threat to life.(Below are more specific information that I search from the internet)

What is a Carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is causes by center nerves that is supposed to pass through the [wrist tunnel] which is form by carpal bones and ligament being compressed. The center nerve is to control the movements of thumb and dominate the sensory of thumb, index finger, middle finger and a part of ring finger. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common nerves compressed syndrome on the upper body, it usually appears on middle ages and the rate of having this syndrome, women are 4times higher than men, and the possibility of happening on both hands is over 10%.

Carpal tunnel syndrome usually appears on people who needs to continuously repeating movements with the wrist, such as: draftsman, typist, housewives, machine repairmen, carpenter, badminton player, etc. Pregnant women, a small number of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism and dialysis patients, are possible to have carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in the dominant hand and is exacerbated by repeated movements at work.

What to do with carpal tunnel syndrome?

Mild carpal tunnel syndrome can cure with avoid over movement of wrist, taking anti-biotic and wear a wrist protection. By using the wrist protection, you can reduce the over movements of wrist, and it need to be wore for 2-4weeks. For the serious carpal tunnel syndrome patients or the patients who has no respond to the cure above, you need to consider to have a surgery to the carpal tunnel to reduce the compress of center nerves. After the surgery, the blood circulation of wrist is slower, I suggest that you can improve the blood circulation by using attach type far infrared. It can also speed up the recovery of the wound.

Is the simple wrist protection enough?

Of course, other than the wrist protection, far infrared is also a good idea. Clinical trial proved that far infrared can deep warming and local acceleration and circulation, improve autonomic dysfunction, so it can effectively reduce the tingling sensation caused by the carpal tunnel syndrome, but this is purely a treatment for mild symptoms, if it’s serious it still must be cure by surgery. “This type of attach type far infrared are not expensive, it’s just $6000.If your financial is allowed, I would suggest you to buy a piece of far infrared therapy to use”.

Below are the information from the internet

Original websitehttps://www.everydayhealth.com.tw/article/10444
•Workers who are struggling with their wrists should maintain proper rest and exercise their hands to reduce wrist pressure and increase the flexibility and softness of the soft tissue of the wrist.


  • Find out the reason of pressure and improve. Let the wrist be in naturally relax and avoid bending the position.
  • Use the wrist fixed pair (it can also be specially designed by functional therapists with thermoplastics), or pair of wood wristbands (please refer to page 96) for additional protection, to reduce the pressure of injury part.
  • Medication: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), muscle relaxant, vitamin B1,B2,B6,B12, to help the recovery of nerves.
  • Physiotherapy: hyperthermia, wax therapy, ultrasound, electrotherapy.
  • Local injections can be performed accurately under the transverse ligaments by an experienced physician if necessary to reduce swelling and compression.

Surgical treatment including traditional surgery or endoscopic minimally invasive surgery is recommended if conservative treatment is ineffective or if there is significant muscle atrophy, the effect is quite good.

Learn about carpal tunnel syndrome — to take control of the important nerves on the hand

Median nerve dominate the sensory of thumb, index finger, middle finger, and a part of ring finger and thumb to palm muscle is the important nerve controller of the hand. When it pass through the wrist, it will pass through the [carpal bone] and [ligament] surrounding and become a [carpal tunnel].

This configuration may be due to physical changes (such as pregnant women and women before or after menopause), trauma, repeated stress (such as kneading dough, doing housework, hand washing clothes), long-term holding items, etc., causing soft tissue swelling, synovial sac inflammation, as well as benign tumors (such as ganglion cysts), narrow the tunnel and further squeeze into the median nerve, leading to “carpal tunnel syndrome.”

Other than the clinical symptoms and evaluation, the nerve conduction test provides more accurate information, allowing us to determine the location of the nerve compression and to understand the severity of the condition.