Treating severe acne wounds

2018 Latest developments

I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with bedsore. Bedsore is as important as all diseases, prevention is more important than treatment. Of course, sometimes it is enough to prevent it from happening. It is believed that people who have been exposed to bedsore know that the patient’s wound reaches the stage 4 necrotic ulcer, and medical personnel can use physiological saline to treat this chronic ulcer wound. To this day, the medical community is still striving to break through the treatment of acne in medicine. Therefore, we are going to talk about the latest breakthrough in the treatment of ulcerative bedsores in medical institutions in 2018: Therefore in the medical ulcerative

The Tri-Service General Hospital uses Betaine flushing solution

The nursing team of the Surgical Nerve Intensive Care Unit of the Tri-Service General Hospital found that the use of betaine flushing fluid to clean the acne wounds can accelerate the healing of the affected parts. Pressure sores, cleansing wounds are usually based on physiological saline, but because of the inability to deep clean, the recovery effect on the wound is limited. In order to break through this problem, the Surgery Nerve Intensive Care Unit of the Tri-Service General Hospital conducted research and found that the use of betaine not only can accelerate wound healing, but also can significantly reduce the patient’s pain, providing another new treatment direction for patients with acne. The nursing team of the Surgical Nerve Intensive Care Unit of the Tri-Service General Hospital tried to find a more effective wound cleansing solution to solve this difficult problem. A new rinse solution combining Betaine and Polyhexanide is selected for application.

How does B&P help wound healing?

Betaine is a mild and effective surfactant that penetrates, cleans and removes debris and biofilms, allowing the dressing to penetrate directly into the wound and accelerate wound healing; Polyhexanide It is a very effective antibacterial medium with a wide range of antibacterial effects, reducing bioburden and providing a wound healing environment.


The study has treated 83 patients with chronic wounds since 2013. After 20 days of continuous application, the patients showed significant improvement in wound area, exudate volume and wound tissue type. B&P not only reduces the stress on the disease caused by patients and their families, but also reduces the hospitalization rate, the length of hospital stay and the number of dressing changes. However, because the flushing fluid cannot isolate bacteria, deep visible bone, wounds requiring surgery and open fractures are not applicable.

How Far-Infrared help wound healing?

Far-infrared rays can effectively shorten the healing time of acne and reduce the pain of patients. Because far-infrared rays can improve local blood and lymph circulation, and promote local blood supply; if used frequently in areas prone to pressure sores, it can effectively reduce the incidence. The use of far-infrared rays not only shortens the course of the disease, but also protects patients from acne. It also prevents the formation of pressure sores and saves the manpower and time of care.。

Far Infrared rays Light of life

Far infrared ray is the only thing in the universe that can penetrate deep into human tissue, coexist with human life pulse, generate resonance absorption, warmly activate cells, satisfy the energy required for cell and micro vascular circulation, and eliminate the need for nutrients and physiological toxins in tissues. To prevent the disease from arising.


Science has confirmed that far-infrared rays are the “Qi” of Chinese Qigong, which is suitable for human energy exchange and transmission. Far-infrared activates cells, and also activates water, such as alcohol, tea, and juice, so that water molecules can be separated into small molecules, such as caffeine and other bitter substances, surrounded by a water film to prevent the functional group from acting as a chemical, inhibiting the oxidation and acidification of the substance, making the diet fresh and smooth, promoting digestion and emptying the intestines, and making the diet healthier.


Haruki Attach-type Far Infrared

The well-known Haruki far infrared ray, which is famous for its far-infrared radiation power, has been used by major hospitals to treat acne and bedsore. It is a problem that is often encountered due to the traditional far-infrared rays. The advantage is outstanding in the far infrared field. Far-infrared rays are very easy to be shielded or absorbed by clothing. The absorption efficiency of cotton in general materials is the most obvious. Nearly 1mm cotton clothing is enough to completely shield far-infrared rays. Haruki is applied to the skin under clothing for treatment. There will be problems in this regard. It is more like a medical device that is zero distance from the skin, and of course has its drawbacks.

The Attach-type Far-Infrared rays must be applied to th wound for treatment. However, in the ulcerated period, yellow exudate or pus may flow out from time to time, so that the black sheath protecting the far-infrared rays must be cleaned regularly to ensure clean and hygienic. Overall, high-quality treatment is still considered as a priority, and Haruki interprets the “Far Infrared Integrity”, which has made the Far-Infrared medical industry a new future trend.