What is a tendon sheath?

  • Tendon sheath is covered above the tendon to protect it. Hollow tubular
  • The tendon sheath contains a pale yellow viscous liquid that lubricates the tendon so that it fluently slides inside the tendon sheath
  • Controls the sensitive movements of the wrist and the toes, not hindered by some outer support ligaments

What is a tendon sheath abscess?

  • Most of it are realized after the injuries of joints and tendons.
  • The lining of the intima of the tendon sheath ruptures, and the cyst produced in the tendon sheath protrudes near the joint or tendon sheath.

Case of tendon sheath abscess

Hard bumps on the wrist

  • Subcutaneous superficially formed into a hemispherical shape
  • Index is like a jelly-like substance
  • Swollen are in various sizes
  • Hemispherical shape and glossy surface
  • The skin color will not change, and not sticky to the skin layer
  • The mass is pushed forward and backward, and it can be moved left and right.
  • Follow the movement of wrist and toes and slide under the skin
  • The texture is soft at the beginning, the compression is like a small balloon, and elastic, but it will become hard over time.
  • Acidic pain occurs when the output strength or frequent activities
  • The slightly pain will occurs when pressure is given
  • The slower it gets medication, the pain increases
  • Small compression maybe appeared with no pain or only be seen when the wrist is bend
  • Large compression have a feeling of tenderness in addition to the appearance of the bulge


When the hand continuously repeat a same movement, the thick joint fluid of the joint capsule will be squeezed out, causing a ganglion cyst

  • Some of the elder people who works kneeling in the past may have knee fossa cyst problem other than the knee is prone to degenerative arthritis
  • Prone ganglion cyst symptoms when an action repeated continuously during work, busy housework, and women’s muscle strength is also weak
  • It caused by long-term fatigue or damage

Scientific level The so-called “tank sheath” is a hollow membrane-like structure in which a long strip of tendon can slide in the tendon sheath.

  • When you press your muscles or nerves, you will feel pain or
  • Cysts develop slowly, but occasionally they suddenly appear, most of them are developed from acute or chronic tenosynovitis.

Most common cases

  • It occurs mostly in the back of the wrist, and the temporal side of the wrist (thumbs side) and the metacarpophalangeal joints and ankles of the hand may also occur.
  • People age between 20-40
  • Most are women
  • The ganglion cyst problem occurs in people who often use hand work
  • More common in women or young adult with more active activities

Practical examples

Moms: Female’s hand muscle strength are weaker, carring children, bath for the kids, swipe floor, cooks, are easily causing tendons sheath swollen.

Hair Designer: It can cause excessive force on the hand and form a ganglion cyst.

Chef: stir fry with the spatula, causing the wrist to be overworked.

Office workers: if the elbows are not properly supported, suspended, the wrists over forced, and the finger keep typing on the keyboard, can cause ganglion cysts.

The patient can decide the response according to the severity of the cyst:

  1. Moderate pressurization: If the initial stage of the cyst is less than 1 cm, use a flexible protective gear to apply a little pressure, with a moderate rest, to avoid excessive use of the affected part, it is expected to wait for the cyst to eliminate itself.
  2. Needle absorb: larger cyst can use needle to suck out the tissue, but this method have a higher risk of recurrence.
  3. Surgery: Have a surgery to the infected part, cure the disease, and the rate of recurrence is also relatively low

Method of treatment:

Western doctors will use surgery methods to clean the cyst tissue and fluid.

  • Chinese doctors will poke the cyst as treatment, below are the three common types of methods:
  • Pressure the cyst till it breaks and let the skin absorb the index fluid.
  • Disinfection the surrounding of needle tumor, stab a 3-5mm needle to the bottom of the needle tumor and use a Moxibustion. Usually it will recover after 5 to 6 treatments.
  • Fire needle method: after partial disinfection, burn the triangular needle with alcohol, and immediately stab. After the jelly is leaked and the content is discharged from the pinhole by pressurization, pressure and seal the needle with the iodine disinfection.

No matter the treatment is a surgery or not, if there is a recurrence phenomenon, attached far infrared is suggested to use on the related parts to help the wound recover faster, it can also promote local blood circulation and prevent infection. Especially the blood circulations of elder people are not as good as the younger people, this far infrared can help them have a better recovery on the wound and gives better protection.

Although Ganglion cyst is not a very serious disease, but it cause troubles to daily life. Therefore, prevention and treatment must be done early. If you are working for long hours, you should pay attention to the adjustment of time. Do not overwork. If necessary, you can wear protective gear to strengthen the maintenance of joint ligaments, so as to avoid injury caused by improper work. Should rest or consult a physician to avoid worsening the condition.