Shoulder pain is a common disease, most of it happen in the middle age. Shoulder has the most actived joint function among the human joints and also get hurts easily. The serious shoulder are including Frozen shoulder and Shoulder impingement syndrome.

Reason of Shoulder Pain

Human use shoulder from carry bag to school to kitchen works, they all need shoulder. Nowadays, the stress of life and the wrong position of people easily causes the joint of shoulder be damage and cause injuries.

Most shoulder pain is because of the muscle and tendon inflammation, if you don’t seek for treatment the joint will stick together slowly. This is like the joint become rusty, the longer the time the tighter they stick together. If you feel that your shoulder is uncomfortable you should seek for doctor A.S.A.P. before it turns into ‘Frozen Shoulder’.

What is ‘Frozen Shoulder’?

The scientific name for ‘Frozen shoulder’ is [Adhesive Capsulitisx]. The inner shoulder joint of human are filled with synovial fluid, it helps the joint to exercise smoothly. The shoulder joints become thick, fibrotic, and lack of synovial fluid because of the inflammation, and it also causes the The shoulder joints become thicker, fibrotic, and synovial fluid due to inflammation, which in turn detracts from the joint function and causes the joints to stick, which affects the mobility of the shoulder joints. There are still a lot of unknown that causes ‘frozen shoulder’ until this moment.

What is Shoulder Impingement syndrome?

Shoulder impingement syndrome is a muscle injury that usually appears on athletes and people who always need to raise their hands. Shoulder impingement syndrome is basically the supraspinatus, biceps tendon or shoulder sac is clipped to the tibia and scapula. Usually the patients will feel inability with the muscle of shoulder, and when they raise the arm they feel pain and uncomfortable.

Treatment for shoulder pain

The general treatment is mainly based on drugs, rehabilitation, and injection, but patients can also choose physical therapy. If you find yourself with shoulder pain, it is recommended to ask a specialist for medical treatment.

Shoulder Impingement syndrome Frozen shoulder
Treatment method Relax muscles(rebuilding) active the joints(reconstruction)
injection(hyaluronic) injection(physiological saline)
Surgery(create space) surgery(removing adhesion)

Shoulder pain usually appears because of the tiredness of shoulder from the position of peoples activities and causes the muscle and tendon damage. If you find yourself with shoulder pain, you can also do some stretches to reduce the pain.

1.Pull your elbow at the back for 15secs,repeat 3 times
2.Press the arm in front of the chestfor15secs,repeat 3 times.
3.Stick the arm to the door frame, stretches the shoulderfor 15secs, repeat 3times on each hand.
4.Pullthe towel straight on your back for15 secs, repeat 3 times on each hand.

Other treatment for shoulder pain

Heat apply is a kind of physical treatment that relieves muscle pain, it helps muscles and the joint pain relax. For the shoulder pain, we can useheat compress treatment. The most suitable temperature for hot compress treatment is 40°~ 50°Celsius

Some people who don’t know how to apply it, heat treatment plus far-infrared medical treatment is more effective for the treatment of muscle and joint injuries. In addition to the technology of far-infrared, in addition to allowing muscles, joints and nerves to recover more effectively, there are other benefits to the human body, such as blood circulation, metabolism, and activation of cells. Introducing Haruki Easy Pads/Easy Wear, they have the technology of electric heating and far-infrared treatment, and the unique research and development concept, designing far-infrared minerals in the outer layer, making far-infrared more easily penetrate the human skin.

Haruki Far Infrared Easy Pad/ Easy Wear

Shoulder plays an important role to our body, it helps us in our daily life and body stabilize. So let’s treasure our body and love our shoulder.