Infrared sauna

  • Bathing is a health preserving method loved by many people since it not only warms you but also promotes blood circulation and moisturizes the skin. Anyhow, bathing cannot be practiced every day. Particularly patients with cardiovascular diseases have to consult a doctor before bathing. Besides, there are also quite many precautions for bathing, for example, bath time should not be quite long, it is not advised to bath immediately after dinner as it does harm to digestion, hunger bath can cause nausea and discomfort, and moreover, bath after alcohol drinking may cause strokes. In fact, there is a more effective and safer way for health preserving, namely infrared sauna.
  • Infrared sauna is a special way for physical therapy. Far infrared heaters such as heating floors or heating tubes are adopted for radiating far infrared and absorbing far infrared penetrating people’s skin surface. Conventionally, vapor bath is combined to intensify effects, and therefore, infrared sauna is generally undertaken in an airtight room. The infrared sauna has the advantages of alleviating arthritis, relieving pain, accelerating detoxification, burning calories to lose weight, etc.

Infrared sauna accelerates detoxification

  • A small quantity of vivotoxin including chemical substances and heavy metal may be sweated out during process of perspiration.
  • Research findings show that detoxification effect of infrared sauna is increased by 15% than that of regular sports sweating and is especially obvious for those difficult to move and unable to detoxify through exercises.

Infrared sauna promotes circulation

  • Infrared sauna is like passive cardiovascular fitness training since it can warm up your muscles and promotes the blood circulation.
  • The muscles are kept in the same state as in exercising and the state sustains for a period of time.
  • Further, infrared sauna can help you recover from post-workout sourness or sport injuries since far infrared can alleviate inflammation phenomenon, accelerate recovery and effectively alleviate pain and soreness.

Infrared sauna helps to lose weight

  • Maintaining of a healthy figure and posture not only contributes to the beauty, but also makes for a healthy life of a high quality. A medical research lasting for 10 years points out that waistline increasing is largely in positive correlation with the risk of a premature death.
  • Infrared sauna makes it possible that calories are burning when you are in a relaxed and comfortable state. One study of American medical association indicates that 600 calories can be burnt at most in each infrared sauna. Additionally, according to a medical research report of 2009, infrared sauna can help to effectively lose weight and reduce waistlines within three months since infrared sauna can be undertaken more easily but has similar effects as the present exercises do. Moreover, infrared sauna can help to improve cardio-pulmonary function and circulation of those difficult to control their movements and those under treatment and unable to exercise normally.

Infrared sauna alleviates soreness

  • A majority of people want to learn about or buy infrared sauna products mostly for improving soreness phenomenon of the body, such as neck and shoulder ache, lumbago and back pain, arthralgia, muscular soreness and ligament ache, etc.
  • It is known that the general method for pain relieving is to take analgesic drugs or use external pain-killer tablets, but pain occurs again or even become more serious when drug effects wear off.
  • The mechanism of action of the infrared sauna is completely different from that of the analgesic drugs.
  • Far infrared can penetrate into aching joints, muscles and tissue parts from the skin surface to improve local circulation and oxygen content and directly reduce messages received by the nerves of the ache area.
  • Effects of the infrared sauna are more direct and lasting than that of analgesic drugs.
  • Far infrared has been applied for alleviating pain medically for quite a long time.
  • Sport injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis and other kinds of chronic pains can be obviously eased.

Infrared sauna improves cardiopulmonary functions

  • In Japan, the infrared sauna applied medically is termed as ‘WOAN therapy’.
  • It is proven to be quite effective in treatment on chronic heart failure patients and can improve cardiac function and life quality of the patients.
  • Far infrared can stimulate the formation of eNOS protein so as to accelerate blood flow velocity since the eNOS can promote the synthesis of NO, a component capable of promoting angiectasis.
  • Far infrared can also promote the formation of CD34 molecules in vascular endothelial cells, and the CD34 molecules can induce angiogenesis to improve blood flow, increase cardiac output and reduce vascular resistance.
  • At the same time, NO has the effect of adjusting sympathetic nerves, and the eNOS can accelerate the formation of NO so as to control the autonomic nervous system.
  • As for the chronic heart failure patients, their sympathetic nervous system is overactive while the parasympathetic nervous system is too weak; therefore much pressure is applied on the heart.
  • Far infrared treatment can strengthen the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system and reduce the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, thereby reducing the vascular resistance and increase the cardiac output, and the effect of reducing the pressure on the heart is achieved.
  • BNP is a negative indicator for cardiopulmonary functions, and far infrared treatment can lower the BNP index.