Best Far Infrared Sauna

  • In the past, it is very luxurious to own a set of infrared sauna device in our house, and people generally only can experience the effect of infrared sauna in high-class resort centers, fitness centers, etc.
  • Anyway, with the continuous progress of production technology, lots of infrared sauna products of all kinds are already commercially available at reasonable prices.
  • Products are not limited to sauna houses any more. Miniature sauna mats, sauna blankets, sauna protective devices, etc. are available with suitable application ranges.
  • Anyhow, as to how to choose from so many far infrared sauna products, consumers feel confused.

How to choose a far infrared sauna product suitable for yourself?

Your budget, use occasion, purchase motive, etc. should be confirmed at first. Instructions for commercially available products are set forth as follows:

Infrared sauna house

  • Infrared sauna products are suitable for being used by people in a capacious house.
  • The infrared sauna is usually of a wooden hut type.
  • A far infrared heater is installed in an interlayer of the infrared sauna.
  • Water can be used to form a space full of vapors and far infrared.
  • The user only needs to stay in the room to relax experiencing the infrared sauna effect of perspiring a lot in a short time, similar to the effects of exercises.
  • But it occupies a large space, costs high, and is low in acceptability of general families.

Far infrared sauna mat

  • A product of this kind is similar to a bed or a sofa in dimension.
  • A user can lie in it to perform far infrared sauna.
  • The material for it is diversified, and consumers should pay extra attention to ensure the product has relevant test reports when buy since many products have very low proportions of far infrared materials coated in inner layers and fail to achieve far infrared sauna effect.
  • The product of this kind has the advantages that it is convenient to use and only needs to be started at night sleeping time, and has the shortcomings that the heat therapy effect fails to strengthen treatment effect on specific parts of the body.

Far infrared sauna blanket

  • A product of this kind is generally small in size and suitable for being compressed on the part of human body requiring treatment.
  • A temperature controller provided by the manufacturer can be used at the same time to adjust sauna temperature to suit a user.
  • Material categories for the far infrared sauna blanket is diversified, and much attention needs to be paid to make sure if the far infrared material for the product has test reports of emissivity and radiation power so as to avoid buying products with unsatisfactory effects.

Far infrared sauna protective device

  • Different from the above products, a product of this kind is of a portable type.
  • Treatment is not required to be limited to an identical place with this product.
  • Some products can be matched with dedicated batteries or general power banks so that a user can carry them without being limited by the power supply.
  • The product of this kind can be used for intensive treatment on especially uncomfortable parts to achieve a relieving effect.
  • However, Lots of protective devices declared to have far infrared materials only have heat therapy effect, and far different from products with far infrared in effects.
  • Because the heat therapy only functions on the surface of 1-2 centimeters ‘ thickness while the far infrared can penetrate into the body by 5-8 centimeters and can improve part of pseudo pains caused by imbalance of sympathetic nerves and the heat therapy may aggravates the pain.

Above are the introduction and analysis for commercially available far infrared sauna products. Here is a simple way to distinguish whether a product has far infrared effect: just check if the manufacturer claims that the far infrared radiating source can be in direct contact with the skin surface of the human body. According to a research, far infrared is easy to shield, and approximately 99% of far infrared can be shielded by a piece of lightproof material with a width of 1 mm.

If the manufacturer claims that the far infrared material is not to be in direct contact with the skin surface of the human body and covered with a cloth cover or an interlayer or other light tight material, the effect of the far infrared must be greatly reduced.

Learn more and make comparisons before purchasing a far infrared product, pay attention to make sure if the far infrared material is practically visible and touchable, and surely purchasing of a best and most suitable far infrared sauna product can be achieved.