Difference between FIR therapy and normal warm therapy

Item Warm Therapy FIR therapy
Category Attach-type warming FIR radiation or attachment type
Transmission Conduction Condition and radiation
Depth Only within 1cm from body surface Can penetrate into more than 5cm depth from body surface
Principle Warm effect Non-warm effect
Period Max 30~40 min each time No limit
Risk Burned or dry skin None
Effect Only relief symptoms, such as:pain relief and increase motion of joints Deep layer improvement, such as:improve circulation, promote wound healing

Warm therapy can only temporarily reduce symptoms of discomfort, while FIR can basically improve circulation to reduce the frequency of all kind of uncomfortable symptoms.

The relation of therapy intensity and distance of Far Infrared

  • FIR is one kind of light wave whose radiation intensity is inverse proportional to the distance.
  • FIR can get better treatment effect while closer to our body.
  • Owing high temperature and outside shape, radiation type products can not applied attached to our body.
  • Radiation type products require distance of 20~30 cm, attachment type product can be contact to our body directly.
Product Type Distance
Attachment 0.3 45
Radiation 10 20
Radiation 30 2.2

Treatment effect of FIR vs. Distance

Breakthrough power of FIR

  • FIR carries longer wavelength, thus contains lower energy.
  • FIR is very easily blocked or absorbed by all kind of clothes.
  • Cotton clothes create the most significant absorption among all, only 1mm thickness can completely block the FIR.
  • It is required to expose the treatment position while apply the radiation type FIR product. But the attachment type can attach  directly to our body, not necessarily take off clothes, and much more convenient, private, effective.

The difference of far infrared and near infrared

  • The beneficial wave length of infrared is 6~14 μm, it can activate our cells and improve our circulation.
  • Wave length shorter than 3μm is near infrared, it will only heat up the surface of our body and can not reach deeply.
  • There are high ratio of near infrared (<3μm) contained in some retail products, beware while you choosing products

Why FIR is not popular in medical care?

  • Fake: No remarkable effect or not follow scientific principles.
  • Poor Effect: Low emission rate or decay rapidly, no feel by user.
  • Not Convenient: Location and methods are limited, can not use for long period.
  • High Price: Not acceptable by users.

How to choose good FIR product?

  • Material: Natural is better which must be allowed to feel and touch.
  • Effect: Must have certification for emission rate, and can feel the effect in short time.
  • Technology: Should be safe, convenient, durable, stable, etc.
  • Price: Reasonable price for users.