Far infrared blanket

Far infrared blanket belongs to a common far infrared product category, and formed by combination of a far infrared material layer and a heating layer, and can be spread under the human body to alleviate pains of all kinds, especially the lower back pain.

The far infrared material layer can be of crystal, ore, bamboo charcoal, etc.


Application of far infrared blanket

Far infrared blanket has a wide range of effects in medical health care. Besides alleviating common pain in back and loin and joint sore, the far infrared blanket can also be used to improve cardiopulmonary functions, alleviate inflammation, promote wound healing, inhibit cancer cells, stabilize blood pressure and blood glucose, etc. Over 300 public papers related to clinical medical research of all countries in the world are available for reference.


Categories of far infrared blanket

  • The commercially available far infrared blankets essentially fall into four categories: light-emitting diode (LED) type, natural ore type, man-made material type and textile type.
  • Direct radiating light source is adopted for the LED type, and the others are of an adoption of a heating method to enhance the radiation power of far infrared material.
  • Therefore, the effects of far infrared blanket depend on properties of materials and heating technologies, and in spite of extravagant advertising phrases of manufacturers or pyramid sales, there are standards for objective examining and comparison of the material properties and heating technologies.
  • Extra attention should be paid when consumers buy the products.

Material properties of far infrared blanket

  • Materials for far infrared layer include natural ores, man-made materials and textiles, among which the radiation effect of the natural ores is the best.
  • Take the crystal and jade in some far infrared blanket for example, as they have existed in the earth’s crust for tens of thousands of years, the radiation power is stable and durable, but attention should be paid to that many ores may emit harmful radiation and should be tested, screened and treated scientifically before being used as safe and efficient far infrared radiating source materials.
  • Specially treated bamboo or wood or other man-made materials can radiate infrared, most of which belongs to near infrared, but they are relatively instable in structure, so the effect will decrease progressively during long time use.
  • According to the far infrared layer made of textiles, materials are carefully selected from the natural ores and man-made materials to be mixed into fibers to form the product, but mixing proportion is generally below 3% so as to keep the elasticity of the fibers, and the effect is surely reduced substantially.

Heating technology of far infrared blanket

  • No matter which category of far infrared material is adopted for making far infrared blanket, the radiation power of far infrared at normal temperature is not high enough, and therefore adoption of suitable heating plates is an inevitable choice.
  • Moreover, hot compress therapy has certain effect by itself, and a combination of the far infrared therapy and the heating plates may double the effect.
  • Common heating technologies essentially fall into three major categories of heating wire, heating plate and nano heating film.
  • The heating wire is the most conventional and common one with very low production cost and high heating speed, and adopted for plenty of far infrared blankets. But this technology has the shortcomings of poor heating evenness and electro-thermal efficiency, and incapability in repeated bending resistance, and therefore it is not suitable for being applied to portable products.
  • In order to improve the uneven heating phenomenon of the heating wire, heating plate technology is adopted by many manufacturers.
  • Heating material is made to be a thin plate with the thickness of 1-5 mm and combined with an electrode to finally form the product.
  • The heating plate is even in heating compared with the heating wire, but the electro-thermal efficiency is still poor at around 50-60%, and therefore it is still only suitable for being used when in direct connection with power supply.

Nano carbon heating film

  • Another advanced technology is nano carbon heating film.
  • Nano scale carbon powder is evenly coated on a mild carrier, and combined with a conductive electrode by method of semiconductor process technology to form a nano carbon heating film with the thickness of only 0.1 mm.
  • Due to the features of nano particles, the electro-thermal efficiency is 40% higher than that of the conventional heating plate, and heating effect is uniform, and the nano carbon heating film has the advantages of being light and thin, low in power consumption and high in efficiency and evenness, and is very suitable for being used for making portable far infrared blankets of all kinds.

Attached-type far infrared blanket


  • High-tech nano carbon heating film is adopted for the attached-type far infrared blanket, part of far infrared with wave length of 6-14 micrometers beneficial to the human body are selected out from the far infrared ores, and exclusive innovative technology is combined to form the mild coating film.
  • The attached-type far infrared blanket is high in radiation power, fast and even in heating effect, light in weight and power-saving.
  • The attached-type far infrared blanket is suitable for both domestic use and portable use and can be used to perform far infrared sauna at any time and any place.