Far infrared lamps

  • Far infrared lamps are electronic equipment capable of radiating far infrared and widely used in industrial radiation-type heating processes and architectural temperature regulation.
  • Besides, far infrared lamps are also employed for scientific research to analyze the properties of matter, for example, the pollutant content in the air.

Principle of far infrared lamps

  • The simplest far infrared lamp is incandescent bulbs emitting visible light as well as a small amount of infrared with the proportion lower than 1%.
  • In order to overcome the shortcoming of excessive low radiation power of infrared, quartz tubes or halogen lamps are generally used as a light source instead.
  • Far infrared lamps used for industrial-purpose heating and drying belong to this class.
  • However, only when the light source is heated to a very high temperature higher than 300 ℃, can sufficient infrared be radiated, and therefore, they are not suitable for being applied on the human body.

Ceramic type far infrared lamps

  • According to commercially available far infrared lamps for medical purpose, a method of heating far infrared ceramic is essentially adopted to radiate far infrared.
  • The principle is same as that of the industrial-purpose far infrared lamps.
  • The radiating source is heated to a high temperature to enhance the radiation power of infrared.
  • Since illuminating type lamps are used for naked parts of the body to be treated, so the user needs to be very cautious, keep 30 centimeters away from the lamps, and should not use them for a long time, otherwise scald or dry skin can be easily caused.

Halogen type far infrared lamps

  • Another type of common far infrared lamps is halogen type far infrared lamps.
  • Halogen bulbs are adopted for the light source, coatings with special treatment is added on the surfaces of the bulbs so as to filter out harmful light rays because the halogen type far infrared lamps can radiate infrared as well as generating harmful ultraviolet light.
  • Products of this category are usually of low prices, far infrared with wavelength from 4-14 centimeters is low in radiation ratio, and of course the effect is greatly reduced.

Attached-type far infrared

  • To overcome the shortcomings of over high temperature, bare treatment requirement and over low radiation power of the far infrared lamps, innovative technology and process are adopted for the attached-type far infrared.
  • Emissivity of the far infrared can achieve 85% at the temperature of the human skin surface of around 34℃, and can further achieve 92% if the patent far infrared coating is slightly heated to 60℃.
  • In addition, the radiation power can be four times that of the far infrared lamps, and the average radiation power of the attached type far infrared is 45 mW/cm2.
  • Besides, the attached-type far infrared product is small in volume, convenient to carry, capable of being directly attached to the human body, and free of limitation to fixed point use and bareness use requirements of far infrared lamps, so that the benefits of far infrared can be enjoyed at any time and any place.