Home infrared sauna house

As the benefits of infrared sauna to the human body are introduced, now a common infrared sauna device, namely the home infrared sauna house, is to be introduced.

In the past, it is very luxurious to own a set of infrared sauna device in our house, and people generally only can experience the effect of infrared sauna in high-class resort centers, fitness centers, beauty centers, etc. Anyway, with the continuous progress of production technology, lots of miniature full sets of home infrared sauna house are already commercially available.


Features of home infrared sauna house

  • Due to the stress, a majority of people of our time are eager to own an infrared sauna suitable for home use since it can both relieving stress and contributing to health.
  • The infrared sauna usually has the appearance of a wooden hut. Far infrared materials and a heater are installed in an interlayer of the infrared sauna.
  • In some products, water is arranged to generate vapors, the user only needs to stay in the room relaxed to experience the infrared sauna effect of perspiring a lot in a short time, similar to the effects of exercises.

How to choose home infrared sauna house

Price: the most important factor probably for many people to consider for a long time.

Texture of material: Wood of high quality can be chosen by comparison by naked eye.

Installing method: it falls into two categories of movable type and fixed type.

Dimension: from 4-5m2 to approximately 10m2 for double persons.


Heat sources: It is better to choose a heat source with multiple safe guards. Quartz heating tubes or ceramic heating plates are mostly adopted in a conventional sauna house, but they are of a very high temperature generally larger than 200℃, and not suitable for being used at home. Carbon plate heating is a new technology, and can be used at home safely with the temperature of carbon plates can be kept below 80℃.

Home infrared sauna house can be used for infrared treatment on the whole body of a person, but cannot be used for intensive treatment on special parts of the body where a person feels quite uncomfortable. Therefore, personal needs should be considered before making a choice.

Alternative- Attached-type far infrared

  • If you feel that the home infrared sauna house is too space-consuming and inconvenient to use based on the above introduction, you can also refer to the attached-type infrared products.
  • Effects of infrared sauna can be enjoyed at home without much space occupation. The radiated wave length of the far infrared is around 6-14 micrometers which do good to human body.
  • Compared with the home infrared sauna, the attached-type infrared products are easier to use.
  • Our products suitable for being used when you are lying, and ones for plastering and wearing can meet your different needs.