Portable Infrared Sauna

  • In the past, it is very luxurious to own a set of infrared sauna device in our house, and people generally only can experience the effect of infrared sauna in high-class resort centers, fitness centers, etc.
  • Anyway, with the continuous progress of production technology, lots of portable far infrared sauna products of all kinds are already commercially available at reasonable prices.
  • Products are not limited to sauna houses any more. Miniature sauna mats, sauna blankets, sauna protective devices, etc. are available with suitable application ranges.

Far infrared sauna protective device

  • Portable type product do not required to be limited to an identical place with this product.
  • Some products can be matched with dedicated batteries or general power banks so that a user can carry them without being limited by the power supply.
  • The product of this kind can be used for intensive treatment on especially uncomfortable parts to achieve a relieving effect.
  • However, Lots of protective devices declared to have far infrared materials but actually only have heat therapy effect, and far different from products with far infrared in effects.
  • Because the heat therapy only functions on the surface of 1-2 centimeters ‘ thickness while the far infrared can penetrate into the body by 5-8 centimeters and can improve part of pseudo pains caused by imbalance of sympathetic nerves and the heat therapy may aggravates the pain.