FIR (Far infrared) Introduction

In this century, FIR technology are developing, there are also many competitions for FIR products in the markets. We believe many people also have certain knowledge for the products and functions of FIR. Many people choose to use FIR to improve health. FIR belongs to a type of light wave. The ray with a wavelength between 4 to 1000 microns is called far infrared, the most nutritious wavelength for the human body is 6 to 14 microns, which is called the fertility light. In a simple way, FIR is very good for our health, not just to raise the temperature of our body, it can also improve the circulation of blood and metabolism, relieve muscle pain, and slow aging.


FIR has been developed for more than a decade, and human recognition of far-infrared treatment is very high, it has developed into a huge market. As you read this article, there have been many far-infrared medical products being developed, it can be found everywhere.

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Sort of FIR medical

Far infrared treatment are divided into several types ,sauna, capsule, illuminating, furniture, electric attach heating, far infrared textile. Nowdays, most of the treatment are using electric hatch heating and far infrared textiles. The main reason is because that this two types of treatment can achieve higher efficiency, and easy to carry. Both treatments use the product on the human skin to bring the far infrared rays into the human skin and achieve the highest medical effect at the closest distance. According to the of far infrared, as long as the heat is around, far infrared product will convert the heats into far infrared,

Medical prove of FIR

Far infrared has already been used for more than 30years in the medical industry ,meanwhile many countries proves the efficacy of far infrared to human body, such as Japan, US, Germany, Taiwan and more. Function of far infrared to human body is with physical control,the function depends on the power and waves.

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Sauna Therapy

Sauna is a common far-infrared treatment, it’s a kind of heat and light to help the body relax and detoxify in a sauna room, it’s also called far infrared sauna or near infrared sauna. Sweating is one of the most natural ways to elimination toxins for human body, compared to traditional Swedish saunas, the far Infrared sauna allows you to eliminate approximately seven times more toxins. Of course, you should drink enough water after using the sauna because you will excrete a lot of sweat.

Far infrared sauna has a lot of benefits, it not only can help effective detoxification, relieve muscle pain, but it can also help normalize blood pressure and reduce the chance of congestive heart failure. There are a lot of portable sauna room in market,you can refer to Japan’s[大京電販]. Nowdays people are too busy to go for sauna, so they invented a portable sauna room for people to use whenever they wanted. [大京電販]have the medical prove ,this wellness sauna,no needed of water,no worry of electric leak,and there is a temperature control protection device that can be assured by the user.

Irradiation treatment

Irradiation type is the far infrared that is popular in the market earlier, the duration of this treatment cannot be long, because it may cause damage to skins. Due to its large size, most of the medical clinics use irradiation far infrared instruments. Far infrared irradiation treatment is a low-energy therapy. It takes a while to accumulate and see better results. The medical display shows that the far-infrared are irradiated to the human body, and the single-shot irradiation is optimal for 40 minutes of continuous irradiation compared with 30 minutes and 60 minutes.


Far infrared irradiation is suitable for people who have mucle pain, arthritis, improve blood circulations, helps in sleeps etc. It’s very suitable for winter season and old people.

[Sky Eye]has the name of the best irradiation light on market, the efficiency of product is better than the others. With sufficient penetration, it can easily penetrate the clothes to treat the body. Easy to use and beneficial to human health.


All far infrared irradiation lights contains minerals compound that can be absorb by human body, to compare, you just need to know the surrounding of 85% micron area of far infrared. The closer to 9.4, the more the treatment choices.

Products Setup Area 85% Area Result
Sky Eye 4~14 micron 85% is between 6~11 Excellent
TDP FIM,Energizer and Basic

1st Generation

1~25micron 85% is between 5~20 Very Good
Far Infrared Heat Bulbs 1~40 micron 85% is between 2~30 Good

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Furniture Type Treatment

There are a lot of furniture type products, such as: bed, blanket, foot pad, etc. According to the specialist, the furniture type machine are designed to allow people to exercise at home. For those who care for their health, you can refer to DanYu’s [Wellness Air Mattress], it is made by Japan’s top technology far infrared material and platinum catalyst. This product have reliable medical approved, specialists proved that it can stably release 4~14 micron ray, it allow people to get far infrared treatment while asleep. Most people are working during daytime and neglected their health, furniture type products can help them feel comfortable at home. [Wellness Air Mattress] have comfortable material, durable, good medical results, suitable for every ages.

Far infrared textile

For textiles, it is necessary to consider the touch on the human body, and so the production of far infrared materials has become limited. Compared with the irradiation equipment, the difference between the amount of far infrared radiation emitted and the therapeutic effect is large. Far infrared clothing treatment is not effective, for example, clothing is close to the skin, because temperature control is not easy, it is easy to have a hot and itchy discomfort, if worn through a layer of clothing, the amount of far infrared rays will be blocked, the body can not absorb. The advantage is that the textile will not be burdened, as far as the convenience of wearing a piece of clothing can get the treatment of far infrared, so there will still be people who choose to use textiles.

Far-infrared textiles can also generate heat and can be used to keep warm. For far infrared treatment needs, other far infrared treatments are recommended.

Far infrared heating attach pad treatment

For the electric heating type of treatment, the far infrared product is close to the skin, because the medical effect is better than other treatments. In contrast, the therapeutic effect of the irradiation type is not better than that of the electric heating attach type. In addition, there is no time limit for the application of electric heating attach and the user can use the treatment for a long time without side effects. Electric heating attach applied therapeutic products have more advantages than irradiation equipment! In addition to better medical results, and the smaller size of the product, it is more convenient to carry. There are many research and development of electric heating products on the market, and many different.

Haruki Easy Pad/ Easy Wear

Among them, I think the special far infrared electric heating type product is Haruki’s easy pad/easy wear. The far infrared of this product are selected from natural ores with high radiation far infrared materials, which have high purity and long lasting radiation effect. These minerals are precision ground into nano-sized powders, and scientific experiments have confirmed that the emissivity can reach 85% at 34 degrees Celsius. The most convenient feature of Haruki’s easy pad and easy wear is that the far-infrared mineral of the product itself is on the surface of the product, so that the far-infrared radiation power will be larger and achieve better medical results.

Studies have shown that the penetration depth of the treatment used on the human body is only 1 cm of the skin layer, and the therapeutic permeability of the Easy pad/ Easy wear can reach between 5 cm and 10 cm. In addition, the far infrared of Haruki products are soft and flexible, and can be comfortably attach to the human body. The product has good medical effect, simple design, good quality and it’s also light and convenient. I personally recommend this product because it is very functional.

Refer to most electrical heating attach pad, they insert the mineral compound or ceramic body to the cloth of the product, this will affect the far infrared medical function. Physical experiments have shown that the penetration rate of far infrared to various substances is very low, which is affected by the thickness and density of the material; the penetration rate of toilet paper is 33%, and the penetration rate of cotton cloth is only 5%, so far Infrared can hardly penetrate clothes.


The research and development of far infrared have been around for more than decades, it is also verified by medical that it is beneficial to human. Not just to relieve muscle pain, but also has obvious effects on many disease symptoms. Everyone have the responsible to take care of their health, far infrared can help you to live happier.

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Generally things that make into honeycomb shape is to increase the contact area, some of the heater or air freshener will retrofit a honeycomb shape ceramic or charcoal material, when the air pass through, it can heat faster or absorb the smells. However, in irradiation treatment, the far infrared emitted are light, and because light is travelling straight, if a relatively large amount of light energy is to be emitted, a relatively large planar radiation source is used to manufacture sufficient far infrared, and a honeycomb structure is unable to manufacture a relatively large amount of far infrared.