Do You Know?

When the human body is in pain, it comes from the brain not the nerves. Nerves is just responsible to deliver the message, and the pain is determined by the brain, but the brain always determine pain wrongly. The pain while eating ice is the best example. The pain of low back pain is also one of the examples. Clinical trials have shown that exposure to far infrared rays in the sore area can effectively relieve pain, but this is a temporary solution.

Only surgery or wear a backrest can cure this low back pain problem. But “correction” is always not easy. Most patients always wear it for few days and give up, so doctors suggested during the therapy process you can also combine using with Attach type Far infrared to sooth the pain. This make the correction of the spine not something to suffer anymore.

【Photo of Haruki attach on patients back】

Must scoliosis have surgery?

Scoliosis may combines many complicated reasons. The treatment will be considering about the cause of scoliosis, age, in which part and the level of Scoliosis. Below are the level of Scoliosis and arrangement of treatment:

➤Bending angle greater than 25°: posture correction and movement
➤Bending angle between 25°~40°: wear a scoliosis backrest
➤Bending angle greater than 40°:Surgery treatment

When the patients scoliosis has reached over 40°, doctor will suggest the patient to have surgery to implement correction

Why will the spinal bend?

Scoliosis is particular common seen on teenagers, mostly believed to be related to genetic, and other causes included abnormal development of spinal, nervous system disorders, muscular dystrophy, long and short feet, tuberculosis infections, etc.

What’s the affection of scoliosis to us?

Scoliosis is a rotational deformation of the spine arrangement, it can be in shape of latter S or C, the deformation of the thoracic vertebra will cause the rib activity to decrease. If it is serious, it will cause the heart and lung function to be disordered and affect the breathing. Deformation of the lumbar spine is prone to chronic back pain and disorders of the digestive system and genitourinary system.

How to determine scoliosis?

To determine whether the spine has a side bend is very easy. Just stand parallel on two feet and straighten the knees. Then, ask someone beside you to see if your back is in high and low position. If you find a side that is obviously raised, it is likely Scoliosis and must be checked at the hospital.

How to face the slightly scoliosis problem?

Combining the theory of sports medical and traditional Chinese medical, it can help to improve and relieve the pain caused by scoliosis by massage or using far infrared to irradiate the back creek of the hand. Using natural anatomy and acupoint principles in daily life, people are easy to exercise, willing to experience, develop habits, and become accustomed to nature, so as to reduce the pain of patients with scoliosis and improve their quality of life.